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Course in Cádiz

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530 + 30 = 560 €
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The course combines: An Intensive 30 lessons/week course: For you to revise all competences. 5 extra lessons a week to prepare the exam: Each lesson will focus on each task of the exam so you can develop the necessary skills to perform well in every exam section and achieve the best total score. A weekly simulation exam: Test yourself to see where you need to revise and hone your skills. Through first-hand experience of the questions you’ll encounter, you will improve your score, increase your confidence and feel fully prepared.

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HOMESTAY - Shared           
Half Half Full
560 + 340 = 900 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      
HOMESTAY - Individual           
Half Half Full
560 + 380 = 940 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      
APARTAMENT - Individual           
Breakfast Breakfast
560 + 230 = 790 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      
APARTAMENT - Shared           
Breakfast Breakfast
560 + 200 = 760 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      

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