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Course in Cádiz

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530 + 30 = 560 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      

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The course combines: An Intensive 30 lessons/week course: For you to revise all competences. 5 extra lessons a week to prepare the exam: Each lesson will focus on each task of the exam so you can develop the necessary skills to perform well in every exam section and achieve the best total score. A weekly simulation exam: Test yourself to see where you need to revise and hone your skills. Through first-hand experience of the questions you’ll encounter, you will improve your score, increase your confidence and feel fully prepared.

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Accommodation Accommodation Type Total price
(course + accommodation)
HOMESTAY - Shared           
Half Half Full
560 + 340 = 900 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      
HOMESTAY - Individual           
Half Half Full
560 + 380 = 940 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      
APARTAMENT - Individual           
Breakfast Breakfast
560 + 230 = 790 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      
APARTAMENT - Shared           
Breakfast Breakfast
560 + 200 = 760 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      

additional information

HIGT SEASON : July 1st to September 15th..

Host family accommodation: 

In a shared room. 

Price per week Half board: 195€

Price per week Full board:  235€

In single room

Price per week Half board: 215€

Price per week Full board: 250€


Shared flat:

Single room:   135€/week (more than 3 weeks). 130€ per week

Shared room.  120€/week (more than 3 weeks). 110€ per week


Double rooms can only be booked for two people students who enroll together.


Our school will contact you, once you have made your reservation, to confirm all the details of your accommodation. Thank you very much. 


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