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This course is specifically designed for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language, or those interested in starting their career in this prosperous sector. The course provides you with extensive ELE didactic material and everything you need to successfully manage your future Spanish teaching career.

The course consists 30 lessons per week and is divided into two main parts:

-          In the morning: programme and evaluation, study of skills, means and strategies covering all levels, carrying out didactic units supervised by a teacher and case studies.

-          In the afternoon: Twice per week you get the opportunity to help teach in a Spanish class. Your teacher will assess your teaching skills, apply techniques such as recording the classes for self-analysis and explaining practical implementation of different aspects such as - cultural diversity, the dynamics of the group, success in the pre-established objectives, etc.


The course combines:

Intensive 30 lessons/week course for you to revise all competences.

5 extra lessons per week for exam preparation. Each lesson will focus on particular exam topics in order to develop the necessary skills required to perform well in every section and achieve the highest grade.

Weekly mock exam. Test yourself to see where you need to revise and improve your skills. Through first-hand experience of the questions you will improve your grade, increase your confidence and feel fully prepared.


This course deals with concepts of commerce within Spain. Analysis and practice of different types of negotiations, roles and positions, jargon and commercial strategies, cultural differences, drafting of reports and commercial letters, interviews with Spanish companies and much more. The course combines an Intensive 20 course + 10 extra business lessons.

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HOMESTAY - Shared           
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560 + 340 = 900 €
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HOMESTAY - Individual           
Half Half Full
560 + 380 = 940 €
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APARTAMENT - Individual           
Breakfast Breakfast
560 + 230 = 790 €
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APARTAMENT - Shared           
Breakfast Breakfast
560 + 200 = 760 €
* Pay only 168€ for reservation!      

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HIGT SEASON : July 1st to September 15th..

Host family accommodation: 

In a shared room. 

Price per week Half board: 195€

Price per week Full board:  235€

In single room

Price per week Half board: 215€

Price per week Full board: 250€


Shared flat:

Single room:   135€/week (more than 3 weeks). 130€ per week

Shared room.  120€/week (more than 3 weeks). 110€ per week


Double rooms can only be booked for two people students who enroll together.


Our school will contact you, once you have made your reservation, to confirm all the details of your accommodation. Thank you very much. 


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