International Menendez Pelayo University


The Menendez Pelayo International University was founded in 1932, and it is an Independent Body of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, according to the by-laws which define it as a “highly cultured university”.In Spain it is one of the pioneering centres in summer courses and language and culture courses for foreigners.The Summer International University was created on August 23, 1932 as a result of the approval of a foundational decree proposed by the Minister for Public Education and Arts, Fernando de los Ríos.  Seventy years after its foundation, the UIMP is still a benchmark in the Spanish educational arena. The Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo is an Autonomous Organization of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. Its bylaws define it as a “university center of high culture.” It is a meeting point for students from all the Spanish university districts, teachers with different nationalities and academic status, and associate, undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. Professionals from different fields are also part of the University life through its programs of continuing education. The Spanish language and culture courses for foreigners play a key role in the University programs and activities. Each year, more than a thousand foreign students benefit from courses that enjoy a lasting tradition, great prestige and worldwide renown. The UIMP’s activities are primarily carried out at Las Llamas Campus at Santander. Since the year 2000, this campus has provided all-year-around academic activities.


The University library has a reading room, book lending service, and video library where students can borrow Spanish films and documentaries. The University language laboratory and multimedia room is fitted with the latest technical equipment for practicing the Spanish language. A computer room with non-stop internet access is located in one of the residence buildings. Students may use the soccer, basketball, tennis and other sport facilities free of charge.


The UIMP accommodates a wide range of cultural activities: theatre, dance, films, concerts, lectures, meetings with writers, and academic excursions around the city. Our students will be able to attend all events organized by the UIMP.



Long–term or short-term Spanish programmes

Teachers: Specialization Courses
1 week ‐ 30 hours of instruction“Introduction to the use and application of ICT in ELE classes”.
“Teaching languages in the cloud: creating personal virtual learning spaces”.
“Specialisation course for Spanish teachers: linguistic improvement, culture and the use of TIC”.
“Didactic tools and resources for ELE teachers”.
“Group dynamics in the ELE classroom”.
“Theatre as a resource in the ELE classroom”.
“Spanish overseas: basic training for visiting assistant teachers and new Spanish teachers”.
“Bilingualism and multilingualism in schooling: programmes and resources”.
“Workshops for using media resources in the ELE classroom”.
“Specialization Course for teachers of Spanish: An update on language, culture and effective ICT implementation skills in the classroom”2 weeks – 60 hours of instruction
“Teacher training course in Spanish linguistics”.3 weeks – 60 hours of instruction
“Didactic of Spanish Language for American teachers. Bilingualism and
multiculturalism in the Spanish classroom”.

Students of Spanish:
General Spanish Language and Culture – 2 weeks to 11 weeks
“Spanish immersion” – 40 hours instruction – 1 week
“Spanish for Specific Purposes” – 60 hours instruction – 2 weeks
“Spanish for International Professionals” – 60 hours instruction – 2 weeks
“DELE course and oficial examination” – 60 hours instruction – 3 weeks
Bilingual Trimester Program – “Business International Studies Spanish
Language And Culture”- 10 weeks
Official Certification recognized internationally by Instituto Cervantes

This programme is very large so we recommend groups prepare it almost a year early and it will be attend for at least one week. Ask us for the centres where we can offer Spanish Language Courses.



Santander. Las LLamas Campus. The most important campus of International Menendez Pelayo University in Spain is located in Santander, the regional capital of Cantabria. The Campus is located in a privileged position within the city, just 5 minutes walk to the beaches, 5 minutes drive to the Royal Site of Magdalena, 15 minutes walk to downtown and 16 minutes from Santander Airport by taxi.


The Barcelona UIMP Research Center was formally established in 1989 by Ernest Lluch. This Center fulfills its key mission of spreading culture and science while encouraging exchanges of domestic and international interest by developing diverse academic activities. The Center is located at the Barcelona Centre de Cultura Contemporània (Calle Montalegre, 5). Most of the cultural and academic activities take place at this site.


The Granada UIMP Research Centre. Courses from 6 people. Ask for further information.


Sevilla. In 1983, the UIMP inaugurated the Seville Teaching and Research Center. Since then, several facilities within the Barrio de Santa Cruz, in the city’s historic quarters, have been home to university activities.The UIMP academic activities in Seville are scheduled around the spring and fall semester courses programming. The activities include lectures, conference series, seminars, academic meetings and training schools. The Spanish language and culture courses for foreigners complement the academic offering.

The vast majority of students who register for courses in Seville belong to universities from Andalusia, especially from Seville University and Pablo de Olavide University. Both institutions endorse course programming by validating them as free choice credits.

The profile of the academic activities has been very dynamic in its adaptation to changes in needs, social significance, and expectations. Different buildings host the courses including the Seville County Council “Casa de la Provincia”, the former Hospital of the Venerable- current Focus-Abengoa Foundation headquarters- and the Caja San Fernando auditorium among others. Since the spring of 2000, the administrative offices of the UIMP Teaching Center are located at the Flags Square number one of the Royal Citadel, in Seville historic quarters.


Valencia. From the January 27, 1992 the headquarters of the UIMP in Valencia is the Palau de Pineda.Menendez Pelayo International University in Valencia has annually sponsored by about 60 partners, public and private entities, which make the development of its activities possible. Part of these entities, as founding members since 1988, the Generalitat Valenciana, the Provincial Council of Valencia and the city of Valencia, and all the universities of Valencia, with which there are cooperation agreements for the recognition of free credits choice.